Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Not everything is sunshine and lollipops in Ponyland.

Well, what can I say...Another day has come and gone, but this one has been slightly more productive than my most recent ones.

Started out with the typical "Google-ing" of strange and funny facts, then made some more coffee. Drank and nibbled on some pistachios, when a craving for salami overwhelmed me. Needless to say, I made my way to the fridge and fed my cravings.

You: How long will this last?
Me: NO CLUE. Stick around to see.

All things aside, I'm trying to see if I can get into this blogging crap. So far, I've posted twice in a day. Not bad, or incredibly sad...

Any how, the day progressed and I actually got around to rewriting my resume, sending it out, yet another hundred or so times, and then I felt the urge to tackle my bathroom cabinets. The things you find! It was incredible. Not only did I find things I could have sworn woodland creatures had stolen, but I also discovered just how much crap I had hung on to.

When I mean crap, rest assured I am not kidding. I found old boxes, that my only reasoning for hanging on to them must have been for the sole purpose of redesigning or being inspired by for future 'projects'. It's safe to say the only purpose they served was that of filling space and collecting much unneeded dust. This can't be good for my karma nor is it very zen.

All in all, uneventful and quite boring was my day. I feel a little more at ease, but by no means does this put a smile on my face. The overwhelming frustration of not finding a job, living in the middle of nowhere and lacking motivation to reinvent my portfolio, has left me feeling pretty useless.

There was no sunshine, lollipops or bits of rainbow on this day.

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